Monday, May 7, 2012

05/06/2012 - Weekend Recap


1. Friday night was date night.  My husband had been out of town for the last couple weekends, so I was pretty happy to have him back.  We had cocktails at Little Branch before heading back over to Brooklyn to eat dinner at Van Horn Sandwich Shop.  The Chicken Salad was amazing.  It was so nice to be able to eat in the back garden.  I loved the oversized twinkle lights.

2. Spent Saturday morning relaxing.  We cooked up a huge lunch using up some of the veggies from the first delivery of our CSA.  Time to start getting creative so we can use them all!


3. Saturday afternoon we got dressed up in our Derby Day best and met up with friends at the Bell House to watch the race.  Sadly, none of the horses we had won.  But it was spectacular people watching.  The Bell House always knows how to throw a good party.

4. After the Derby, we relocated to the Jalopy Tavern.  The bar, located in the Columbia Waterfront, just reopened (it used to be Moonshine).  They have a mean mixture of cajun peanuts and candied bacon.

5.  After Saturday's festivities, Sunday morning was pretty slow.  We took advantage of the nice weather and biked over to Prospect Heights to meet up with friends for brunch.  

6.  Sunday afternoon was spent finally getting in a much needed run, (though a run after a big brunch is not exactly the best idea), cleaning up around the apartment, and getting a hair cut.

7.  On the way home from the movies (we saw The Avengers), I finally caught a glimpse of the moon.  A bit hard to capture on camera - but it was huge and beautiful!

8. Now I'm about ready for a weekend from my weekend!

Happy Monday!


  1. random because i am diving deep into the world of speakeasys for research and you went to little branch! thoughts? do you frequent the spot?

    1. I've only been a couple times, but have enjoyed it each time! The cocktails are great and it's a cool environment. I'd definitely recommend giving it a try!