Sunday, November 6, 2011

Black and Tan (/Tan and Black)

You can't just pour any two fermented grains together and expect the results to be potable. But a black and tan just works — and it looks pretty, too.

I got these boots a couple weeks ago. I loved the contrasting strip that goes up the back with the zipper, and the fact that they're incredibly comfortable, especially for a 4-inch-plus heels. We're taught that black and brown don't work as a match (sort of like you can't wear white after Labor Day), but if you get the right shade, the pairing is perfect.

It was beautiful out this weekend. I decided to carry the black-and-tan forward with a black tank and an oversize taupe sweater for a walk in the neighborhood. And some classic skinny jeans to pull the look together.

Call it a bit of inspiration from the Gowanus. Aromatic banks and miry currents nestled between cute-cafe-artsy-shoppe-stroller-laden Park Slope and, well, cute-cafe-artsy-shoppe-stroller-laden Carroll Gardens. It may be a bit discordant, but, like a black and tan, it works. A little grub with the glitz, the old with the new, the worn-down with the up-and-up. I indulged in some wallet-friendly glitz, then pulled on my signature vintage army jacket, and '70s-inspired hat from Urban Outfitters.

I picked this necklace up for a couple bucks at forever 21 last year.  Adds a bit of glitz to an otherwise neutral palette.

I've had this hat for a while now, but didn't wear it much as the brim was about 2.5 inches wider...I trimmed it down, and now it feels much more wearable, less like a costume piece.

My dad passed this jacket on to me a couple years ago, it is well worn and authentic - from his brief stint in the army in the '70s.  You can find vintage army jackets in vintage and thrift stores.  Or if you're not into second hand, army inspired field jackets are available all over the place.

A perfect pairing for a perfect fall day!

Jacket: vintage - Sweater: J.Crew - Tank: Target - Jeans: J.Brand - Boots: Zara - Necklace: Forever 21 - Hat: Urban Outfitters 

Photo Credit: SR

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