Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blue Suede Shoes

When wearing an outfit that is super basic - grey shirt and black skirt - I like to add little splashes of color or points of interest to keep things dynamic.  Like, for example, bright pink lipstick.
Or bright blue suede shoes.
I decided to partake in the knot-your-tee-shirt resurgence.  It gives some definition to the waist.  And I can channel my inner Kristen Stewart.
I love to see simple shoes in a bold color peek out from underneath a maxi skirt.
I borrowed this hat from my husband.  Does a nice job of protecting my head from the sun (and covering up my roots that are in desperate need of touch up).
This skirt is actually a dress that I made myself a couple months back.  My sewing projects are generally pretty free form (i.e. no pattern and I'm usually not 100% sure what they'll turn out to be in the end).
Since the dress is to the floor with a relatively high neckline - I figure leaving a bit (OK, more than a bit) of my back exposed can't hurt!
Dress: Homemade / Shirt: Club Monaco / Shoes: J. Crew / Hat: Billykirk / Bag: Balenciaga / Sunglasses: Cutler and Gross

Photo Credit: Husband


  1. Great outfit. I particularly LOVE that dress, I can't believe it's homemade! Thats awesome.


  2. another fab outfit, rosenbklyn!

  3. Your husband has good taste in hats.

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