Tuesday, December 6, 2011

[Charles] Water Under the Bridge

The Charles that I knew in college was always a source of calm alongside the busy streets that wind their way through Boston. A half-hour into the suburbs, where my husband grew up, its otherwise peaceful current tumbles over a dam and throws off a shower of golden-green sparks. 

The light was perfect to show off my own sparks.

In green, gold, and gray, I might have blended into my surroundings if not for these pieces' unique lines and textures (plus some orangy-red lipstick - Nars Heat Wave to be exact).

Feeling zen with my watery counterpart.
These boots work with almost everything, even stone walls by the riverside.
I loved visiting the Charles' combination of color, calm, and a bit of glimmer–just like I remembered.

Jacket: ADAM / Sweater: ADAM / Dress: Urban Outfitters / Belt: H&M / Necklace: Forever 21 / Tights: Target / Boots: Steve Madden / Sunglasses: Cutler and Gross

Photo Credit: Husband

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