Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adventures in Remixing

I love the challenge of figuring out how to wear certain items regardless of season it belongs to (I have never been one to do a closet change over each season).  I thought I'd pull together a couple good examples from previous posts to help illustrate my take on remixing.

A spring-like dress works for cooler months when you add a pair of warm tights and a blazer.
But it works just as well for summer if you ditch the tights and swap the blazer out for a lightweight denim shirt.

Boyfriend Jeans:
These jeans are my go to when I just want to be comfortable.  Blush tones and layers work well for fall.
Change out the loose layers for a more lady-like sweater and sophisticated heels and it feels like a completely different pair of jeans.

Pairing a white sweater with blacks and greys makes for a simple, super crisp look. 
This sweater can work just easily when paired with a maxi dress and bright belt.

I love this hat - the possibilities on how to wear it are endless.  One option, mixing patterns, makes for a bold look.
I also loved pairing the polka dotted hat with a polka dotted shirt.  It felt very fun and playful.
I'm a big proponent of shopping in my own closet and figuring out how to give an old item new life!

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